Our Board

Who is on the board

The Cornwall Housing Board must act in the best interests of the Company, and set out the organisation’s values and purpose in a strategic Business Plan.

As a Registered Provider, Cornwall Housing is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing, and complies with the National Federation of Housing’s Code of Governance. We publish an annual statement of how we comply with these regulatory and governance standards in the Company’s Annual Statement of Accounts.

Chair of Cornwall Housing

  • Mike Hanrahan

Group Managing Director

  • Cath Robinson

Cornwall Housing Interim Managing Director

  • Iain Sims

Tenant Non-Executive Director

  • Amanda Leman 
  • Kevin Hawke 
  • Kate Atkinson 

Council appointed Non-Executive Director

  • Vivienne Horton 
  • Dr Simon Ashby 
  • Robert Stronge 

Corserv Appointed Non-Executive Director

  • Karen Ayling 
  • Dawn Sowerby
  • Peter Nourse

The Board meets regularly and the meetings are open to the public. If you would like more information or to observe a public board meeting please email board.secretary@cornwallhousing.org.uk.

Cornwall Housing is a part of Corserv.

Corserv is a company established by Cornwall Council to provide strategic direction for its existing arm’s length and commercial trading companies: Cormac Solutions LtdCornwall AirportCornwall Housing Ltd and Cornwall Development Company .

Corserv is an exciting initiative to be part of as Cornwall is the first local authority to establish such a diverse range of companies as one group.

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