How the STAR project has helped us thrive

Star ProjectThis is a quick summary of our situation and how it has changed for the better since our time at the short-term accommodation and resettlement (STAR) project run by Cornwall Housing to provides short-term accommodation and then support people to move on to live independently.

We were homeless 2 years prior, we sofa surfed, slept in our car and was rough sleeping in a park, we had lost everything we owned, we both have lifelong health issues and our health was deteriorating rapidly on the streets. We were emotionally and physically at rock bottom.

One morning my wife received a call from the STAR support workers and said the magic words, we have a place for you! Can you can move in tomorrow? “YES WE CAN!!”

We arrived at Camborne where we were shown around the star project, the kitchens provided everything we needed, our room was large with an ensuite, double bed and even a TV.

The support staff and H4H team were brilliant, honest, and helpful people, our lives began to change, and we were able to trust people again. We accepted all the support offered.

During our time I became very unwell, I had to have 2 operations, I was unable to walk. Support staff were always on hand to help with transport to the hospital even at night. My wife and the STAR staff got me through, then the unbelievable happened we were offered a MEERS property. Lee and Zena used our individual client budgets and an application to crisis and care to furnish the complete property.

The star project gave us a safe environment and we thrived.