Accepted homeless and Move on

As a main duty has been accepted to you, you should continue to follow your Personalised Housing Plan (PHP) to find your own home while you remain in temporary accommodation. The move on team is there to help you, when you find your accommodation. We can help, with a deposit, rent in advance, and advice on finding your own home.

Please use the form below to make any enquires.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am not happy with the emergency accommodation I have been given

A: Whether your enquiry is about the location, size or suitability of your emergency accommodation. Your enquiry will be directed to the homeless accommodation team on 03001234 161

Q: I have received a bill about the charges of my emergency accommodation

A: The costs and charges of the accommodation can be explained by the homeless accommodation team or you can talk directly to credit management about how to pay a bill on

Invoices do not need to be paid in full, payment plans can be agreed.

We will apply for housing benefit for you which may reduce the amount you have to pay, but you may not be eligible for this.  If you have questions about your benefit claim, please complete a form online at or call 0300 1234 121.

Q: My booking for emergency accommodation has ended/ will be ending. What do I do?

A: The homeless accommodation team will try to make contact with you before a booking ends, however at busy times this is not always possible. If the duty to provide accommodation has ended you will have been given notice of this by your case officer and no further offers will be made.  If we still need to provide accommodation, it is best to check out of the accommodation and wait to hear from the accommodation team, who will update you about either an extension of an existing booking or an alternative offer as soon as possible. You can contact the homeless accommodation team on 03001234 161

Q: I have received a s184 decision letter and have been ‘Accepted as Homeless’ what does this mean?

A: Cornwall housing has accepted a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation while you find suitable accommodation. This means that you must look for private rented and apply to Homechoice to bid on suitable social housing properties in Cornwall. You cannot solely rely on social housing becoming available, we can make you an offer of suitable private rented accommodation and end our duty towards you.

If you refuse an offer of suitable accommodation or lose your temporary accommodation through any fault of your own, the accommodation will be ended. No further accommodation will be provided, and your duty will be ended. Your case will be referred to social services.

Q: What does ‘suitable’ accommodation mean?

A: Cornwall Housing will consider if an offer of a property is suitable based on the physical condition, location, overcrowding, affordability, and if there is risk of violence from any person. Whilst we take into consideration your area of choice, due to demand/availability in Cornwall, you may well be offered suitable accommodation outside your area of choice.

If you refuse this, your duty will end.

Q: I have been allocated to the Move On team, what does this mean?

A: Now we have accepted a main duty to you, you should be following your Personalised Housing Plan (PHP) to find your own home while you remain in temporary accommodation.

The move on team is there to help you, when you find your own accommodation. We can help, with deposit, rent in advance, and advice on finding your own home. If you need this advice, please complete the e-form or call 0300 1234 161, asking to talk to move on.

Q: What is a PHP?

A: Your Personal Housing Plan is a document created by the Prevention and Engagement Team for you, as an action plan for the future for you to successfully secure alternative suitable accommodation other than the emergency/ temporary accommodation provided. These action points are agreed and will be reviewed when required.

Q: If I have found a property, what do I do?

A: Please contact the Move On support team, through the E-form on our website and your enquiry will be dealt by a duty officer who make contact with you. Checks will be made if the property is suitable and affordable for you, and you may be asked to complete an income and expenditure form or crisis and care application.

Q. What happens if/when I leave temporary accommodation?

A: You should discuss moving out of or being absent from your accommodation with the Homeless Accommodation Team on  If you are absent without informing us, we will assume you have abandoned the accommodation, it will be offered to somebody else, and your case may be closed. You must not leave anything behind, and you must make sure that you check out correctly.  After you have left your temporary accommodation, the property will be inspected and if you, your households or your visitors have caused any damage you may be asked to reimburse the costs of any necessary repairs or maintenance.  If you leave an emergency accommodation placement before the expected end date without notifying us, you will still be charged to the end of the booking and housing benefit will not cover this cost. Housing benefit will not pay for more than one property so it is important that you move out without having an overlap to avoid accommodation charges that will not be covered by Housing benefit.

Q: What is the customer portal?

A: This is the system that Cornwall Housing hold information about your case. The way to access this portal is through the Housing Jigsaw link.

You will be able to upload any documents and access your PHP.

Q: What happens if I have a change of circumstances?

A: You need to discuss your change of circumstances with a Move on support officer by contacting who will assess the change of circumstance, update the system if necessary and refer you or contact other departments with the change, ie Homechoice/ UC etc.

Q: I have a problem with my bidding?

A: If you have any problems on your Homechoice account, or questions about your banding or bidding position you need to talk with Homechoice.

Q: What is assisted bidding?

A: Assisted bidding, is when Cornwall Housing place a bid on your behalf. We will regularly check your Homechoice account and if you fail to make bids on suitable properties, we will place bids on your behalf. If these bids are successful, you will need to accept this accommodation. This will be added as an action on your Personal Housing Plan.


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