Advice for single people

Housing Options for single people

The Housing Options service provides advice and help for single people faced with homelessness.

Unfortunately, in most cases this does not involve an offer of accommodation. The Housing Act says that we must accommodate homeless people only if they are in a “priority need”. These are pregnant women, those with dependent children or those that are particularly vulnerable.

If family or a friend are asking you to move out, it is best to stay with them until you can find somewhere else and then make a planned move.

We can help by supporting you to find alternative accommodation and liaising with the excluder. Helping you to have enough time to find somewhere else to live.

Nos-Da Kernow

Nos-Da Kernow provides support to single people and couples without children. Who are living in unsuitable or insecure accommodation, which could break down and may lead to them becoming homeless.

Finding privately rented accommodation

There is a wide range of affordable private rented accommodation in Cornwall and this usually the best choice. Privately renting gives you a greater choice over the area in which you live.

You may wish to share a tenancy with a friend who also needs somewhere to live, so you can also look for two-bedroom properties.

Know how much you can afford

If you have a child that stays with you only some of the time, you will not be able to claim payment for a bedroom for the child. That is unless you also claim the Child Benefit for that child.

If you are under 35 years-old you will usually only be entitled for the shared accommodation rate. There are some exceptions to this which may qualify you for the one bed rate.

Supported housing

If you have support needs, such as issues with mental health, substance abuse, or independent living skills. You may be able to access supported accommodation.

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Regardless of where you are living you can also get floating support.

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Harbour Housing

Harbour Housing run Cosgarne Hall supported accommodation in St Austell, and some supported living properties nearby.

St Petrocs

St Petrocs manages and provides accommodation for 141 people across 20 properties in Cornwall. Including accommodation in:

  • Helston, Pool
  • Falmouth, Penryn
  • Truro
  • Mount Hawke
  • Newquay
  • St Austell
  • Bodmin and Liskeard

Social housing

Social housing for single people in Cornwall under the age of 55 yrs. old is extremely limited in Cornwall. See Homehoice for further information on applying.

Young People (16-24)

More information if you are aged between 16 and 24 years old.