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Since 2020, more households are experiencing homelessness and many continue to do so.

Households who are homeless go into Band C (statutory homeless and homeless other). The Council and Partners propose a temporary change to banding:
• Those with a statutory homeless band move into Band B.
• Homeless other will stay in Band C.
This will help the Council to find more homes for households to whom it owes a duty. It will reduce the use of unsuitable temporary accommodation.
Everyone else with a housing need will still have a fair chance of finding a home through Homechoice. This change will only last for a year before review.
Before making this change though, we would like to know what you think. Please complete a short survey by 5pm Monday 25th April 2022.

Important information for logging into the Cornwall Homechoice website for the first time

  • You will need an email address to use the Homechoice website
  • Once you have set up your user account, you must verify your details by clicking the link that goes to your email. If you do not, when you next try to log in, your details will not work

Please read the short Easy Guide for step-by-step help in setting up a new user account and logging in for the first time.

Visit the Cornwall Homechoice website

Bidding starts on Thursday and closes midnight on Monday. Please see the bidding guide. Homechoice applications are currently being processed within 28 days of receipt of all supporting information.

You can submit questions about Homechoice by using our enquiry form or email: info@cornwallhousing.org.uk. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm if you need to call us about Cornwall Homechoice.

About Homechoice

Homechoice is the choice based system for letting council and housing association homes to rent in Cornwall. Partner landlords advertise their vacant properties on the Homechoice website and in newsletters available in the Councils’ Information Services (formerly One Stop Shops) and libraries.

How Homechoice works

When you register with Cornwall Homechoice, we will assess your housing need and give you details of your priority banding, your eligible date, and the type and size of property you can apply for. You will then be able to place bid on suitable properties. Please take a look at our instruction videos on using Homechoice.

Is Homechoice right for me?

Applicants in the most urgent need for housing have the best chance of bidding successfully for social housing. 

Are you looking to move house and you currently claim benefits?

In Cornwall we are now a full service Universal Credit area which means that for most working age people any new claims for benefit to help with rent costs will now be a claim for Universal Credit (UC).

If you are of working age and are moving to Cornwall from out of the area you will need to make a new claim for Universal credit to get any help with housing costs to pay your rent.

With Universal credit any help with housing costs is paid direct to you and you will be responsible for paying your rent.

More information and help is available on our 'Moving House' page.

Application form in other languages

Further information

Partners who advertise their vacancies on Homechoice are listed below.

Our partner organisations each have an allocations policy that they adhere to. For more information please contact our Homechoice partner directly.

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