Banding details

Applicants will be assessed and placed in one of the following bands according to their housing need.

Band A

Exceptional Needs

Where ‘substantial’ evidence from a statutory organisation, such as the police, is provided which concludes that risk to life or serious harm could result if an immediate move is not obtained (includes victims of domestic violence, racial harassment, and witness intimidation).

These cases need to be of an exceptional nature and must clearly demonstrate that suitable temporary accommodation through the statutory homeless duties would not be an option.


Applicants awarded an ‘urgent’ priority by the Welfare Assessment Panel.

Adapted/Accessible Property

The applicant occupies a Council, ALMO or Registered Provider property within the Cornwall Homechoice area that, ATCHES Adapted/Accessible Property Group1 or 2 and no household member requires the adaptation/s.


Tenants in Cornwall who are under-occupying a Council or PRP property.

Band B


Applicants awarded a ‘high’ priority by the Welfare Assessment Panel.

Lack of Bedrooms

Applicant lacks 2 or more bedrooms in their current home, UNLESS evidence exists that the overcrowding is deliberate. (This excludes applicants in temporary accommodation).


Private sector tenants or residents that have been assessed as having Category 1 hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System that involve an imminent risk of harm to the occupants and the landlord is unable to remedy the defects to the property within a reasonable period of time as specified by the Private Sector Housing Team.


The applicant is formally accepted under the move-on scheme.(Appendix 11)

Redevelopment Programme

A Cornwall Homechoice Partner tenants where the demolition refurbishment, or sale of their home has been approved and the tenant is required to move within the next six months.

Band C

Statutory Homelessness

Applicants to whom Cornwall Council has accepted a full housing duty under the current Homelessness legislation.

Homelessness Other

Applicants who can demonstrate they are homeless or threatened with homelessness but not owed a main housing duty by Cornwall Council.


Applicants awarded a ‘medium’ priority by the Welfare Assessment Panel.

Lack of bedrooms

Applicants who lack one bedroom in their current home.


The applicant, or a member of their household, needs to move to a particular ‘locality’ within Cornwall, to give or receive on-going support from ‘close’ family members, or to access specialist medical facilities.


The applicant, or a member of their household, needs to move closer to their place of work/training (of a non- casual nature) within Cornwall.

People who need to move into the district or to a particular locality in the district of the authority, needs to move to take up a job or live closer to employment or training (including apprenticeships) where failure to meet that need would cause hardship (to themselves or to others).

Band D

Shared Facilities

Applicants share bathroom or kitchen with non-family members.

Children living in flats and/or lacking a garden.

Applicant has a child/children under 10 years of age and lives in a property above ground floor, with no lift.

Applicant has a child/children under 10 years of age living in a property without access to a garden.

Band E

All other groups

Households who have no reasonable preference.

Local Cornwall Connection criteria

Within each band listed above, applicants with a qualifying local connection to Cornwall will be considered before applicants who do not have a local connection to Cornwall.