How Homechoice works


  1. When you register with Cornwall Homechoice, we will assess your housing need

  2. We will send you details of your priority banding, your eligible date, and the type and size of property you can apply for

  3. You must log into Cornwall Homechoice to bid on properties

  4. Each weekly bidding cycle currently runs from a Thursday morning to Monday midnight each week

  5. Once bidding has closed, we compile a shortlist of everyone who has applied for the property and forward the details of eligible applicants to the landlord

Important: you must keep your Homechoice application up to date.

If there is any change in your circumstances, your application will need to be updated to reflect this. If you are allocated a home and it is found your current details are not up to date and correct, the offer may be withdrawn.

Existing Council or housing association tenants can also consider the option of a mutual exchange.

Using Homechoice




Important changes to social housing tenancies

There are important changes that may affect new tenants. You need to understand these changes and what they mean for you before accepting a property from a social landlord. For full details see our Changes to Social Housing Leaflet.

Important changes to Policy

On 20th April 2015, 'The Allocation of Housing (Qualification Criteria for Right to Move) (England) Regulations 2015' came into force, therefore the Choice Based Lettings and Allocations Policy has been amended (in line with the new legislation), which states that a local connection requirement must not be applied to existing social tenants seeking to transfer from another local authority district in England, who have a need to move for work related reasons to avoid hardship.

Full guidance of the legislation can be found in Appendix 8 of the current Cornwall Homechoice policy below.

If you have any queries, please contact Cornwall Homechoice by using the Homechoice enquiry form.