Emergency Applications

The Homelessness service is an emergency service and we have a duty to help only those people who meet strict criteria. However we will always try to help you to avoid becoming homeless in the first instance.

If you think you are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless please contact us immediately using the details shown on this page.

A Prevention and engagement Officer will  discuss your circumstances with you  in more detail.  

Further information can be seen on our ‘quick links’ page or our leaflet ‘homelessness’ .

Self help packs are also available for you to use to help with your housing situation as well as Your Housing Options

In order to assist you we will need to consider your eligibility for public funds, and whether you are homeless, threatened with homelessness

If you are eligible for and you are homeless we may offer you temporary accommodation if you have a priority need

Priority need can apply to the following groups of people:

  • 16/17 year olds
  • Pregnant women
  • People with dependant children
  • People made vulnerable as a result of old age
  • People made vulnerable as a result of a physical or mental health problem
  • People who are homeless as a result of a fire/flood or other emergency

This list is not exhaustive but is intended to act as a guide. 


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