Staying put

Staying where you are

Instead of moving perhaps you can stay where you are for the moment? We may be able to help you sort out any problems you have in your current home.

Problems with a Private Landlord

You may want to move because you are not getting a good service from your landlord. Perhaps your home is in poor condition, repairs are not being done on time, or you are worried about health and safety issues. Your landlord may even be harassing you or threatening to evict you. Our expert Housing Options Officers can help sort out all sorts of problems and explain your legal rights.

Problems with a social landlord

If you have a Council or Housing Association property, you have a right to repair. Your landlord will have certain responsibilities under your tenancy agreement and specific response times to respond to any repairs in your home. Applying to the Homechoice Housing Register to ask for a transfer is not the appropriate route to follow. Your landlord should have given you details of your local Housing Officer or a repairs phone line where you can get help

Neighbour Disputes/Antisocial Behaviour

You may want to move because of a dispute with neighbours or because you are suffering from antisocial behaviour. Our Housing Options Officers may be able to help through mediation, liaising with your landlord or if the problem is more serious through our legal powers working in partnership with the Environmental and Private Sector teams. If you are a tenant of the Council or a Housing Association, your landlord should be able to advice and assist you with any issues of this type.

Financial Difficulties

Sometimes your financial circumstances can change and you can then quickly find yourself in debt. Don’t ignore the problem. Get the advice and help you need as soon as possible to prevent you from losing your home. You can contact our Housing Options team for expert advice and referrals to other Debt Advice agencies.

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