Homelessness reviews

If you disagree with a decision that Cornwall Housing Ltd makes on your homeless application you can usually ask us to review that decision.

This is called asking for a 'review'. We will change the decision if we've made a mistake or your circumstances have changed and the decision is wrong.

The decision letter will tell you if you can ask for a review.

The request for a review may be made either verbally or in writing. However, it would help if you gave your reasons for requesting a review in writing at each stage of the process.

The request for a review must be made within 21 days of receiving notification of the decision. If you miss the 21 day deadline you lose your right to a review, but you can ask us to accept a late request although we are not obliged to accept it. If you are not sure what to say, it is advisable to seek help with a review from an advice agency. 

You, or someone acting on your behalf, may make written representations to the authority in connection with the review.

Requesting a review

If possible, make your request in writing.  Also include any information which you think we may not have taken into account when the decision was made. Or explain why you think the decision is wrong. Any request for a review can be sent to your Prevention and Engagement Officer who has been dealing with your case.

The review will be carried out by a senior officer of Cornwall Housing who has not been involved in the decision.

What happens next?

The reviewing officer will investigate the decision and check that all the correct procedures have been followed. They will look at any new information that you have provided. If necessary they will make further enquiries into the circumstances of your homelessness. You may be asked to attend a further interview. You may also ask to put your case to the reviewing officer in person.

For most types of decisions we must notify you in writing of our decision within 8 weeks of when you requested a review. Some types of decisions have a different time limit.  For example, if we are reviewing the steps in your Personal Housing Plan we must notify you in 3 weeks.

You can ask for us to arrange temporary accommodation pending the outcome of the review.  However we do not have to provide accommodation whilst you are awaiting your review decision.

What if I'm still not happy with the review decision?

You may appeal on a point of law to the County Court if you are not satisfied with the decision. You must do this within 21 days of receiving Cornwall Housing's decision.

Other decisions that can, and can't be reviewed

You may be able to request a review of the suitability of the accommodation that we have offered to you either in:

  • temporary accommodation
  • private rented accommodation or
  • social housing

Some decisions on homeless applications don't carry a right of review. For example you cannot ask for a review of a refusal to accommodate you before an initial decision has been made about whether you're owed a homeless duty.

Ask your Prevention and Engagement Officer if you are not sure whether you can request a review of a decision. If you want to challenge a decision that does not carry a right to review you may be able to apply for judicial review. If you wish to explore this option you should get independent legal advice.

The request for a review must be made within 21 days of receiving notification of the decision.