Hospital discharge

Homeless or property unsuitable following hospital discharge

Hospital departments have a duty refer people to the Local Authority when you will be homeless upon discharge from hospital. 

There is a dedicated Homeless Patients Advisor based within the hospitals in Cornwall, to provide support and advice to any patients that may be homeless or unable to return to their homes. If you are currently in hospital, please ask to speak to the Homeless Patients Advisor.

The hospital discharge team should refer you to Cornwall Housing, Housing Options service who will assess your situation and you may be offered temporary accommodation while your application is assessed.

If you have a home already but it needs to be adapted, the hospital will refer you to the Cornwall Council Home Solutions team who are responsible for adaptations or a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Information on being discharged from hospital      

How can we help? Our housing options service can help.   

  • We can assess your current housing situation and works out what your needs are.
  •  If you are worried that you might become homeless, we can give you advice on the next steps.
  • You can be referred to us in a number of ways including throughout Homelessness support options.
  • We will work with you to develop and make a housing plan so you can work towards the next steps to find a permanent home.
  • We can help you with your Homechoice application.
  • Assessing and reviewing your banding. 
  • Looking at the housing options available to you, including temporary accommodation or private rented housing.
  • Finding you somewhere to stay tonight, in an emergency, when you have nowhere else to go.

More information if you require help for Adult Social Care.