Information for Private Landlords

Cornwall Housing Ltd wants to help private landlords. Here is some useful advice for you on how to make sure you are acting legally if you are providing an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. If you do not follow this protocol it can delay matters in getting your property back at a later date and in some cases leave you liable for costs/fines. To avoid this, make sure:

We refer to this as ‘prescribed information’.

For more information on what your responsibilities are as a landlord.

Getting possession of your property back

If you wish to gain your property back and all of the above has been complied with, you can now issue a notice to your tenant. If you haven’t completed any of the above the notice will not be valid. If so, you will need get this in order first before serving a notice. It is important you issue the correct legal document in the correct format when doing so or this will delay matters or risk the case being dismissed at court (if it gets to this stage). Please visit this website for details on serving the correct written notice.

We can help you with Cornwall Housing Private Lets…

If you have a property to rent we can help you with this. We understand the challenges Landlords face and therefore have an expert team set up to find your tenants and manage your property. Cornwall Housing Private Lets provides the following services (dependant on the type of package- click on link below for more information on this):

  • We will find your tenants and carry out all the necessary checks to make sure they are suitable
  • Provide tenancy agreements
  • Produce correct legal documents
  • Collect rent
  • Chase arrears
  • Work with Housing Benefit/Universal Credit
  • Be the contact for your tenant for all tenancy queries
  • Carry out compliance checks
  • Fast repairs

For more information please visit: