Your Housing Options toolkit

Cornwall Housing has released an online 'Your Housing Optionstoolkit to enable you to access instant online personalised housing advice and options with the additional benefit of job and training opportunities.

General guidance

  • Read the guidance notes on the Log in / Start new assessment screen before you start
  • Move from page to page by using the "next section" and "previous section"  at the top and bottom of each page
  • Links to external sites providing advice and information are displayed in blue text. If you follow these links, a new window will open for the relevant website. Close this window to return to the 'Your Housing Options' screens.
  • When you have completed the questions you will provided with a summary screen, at this stage you can select the housing options details from the left hand menu or move through the screens using the "next section" and "previous section"

The system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible however if you are having difficulties using the tool please contact us on Tel: 0300 1234 161 and you will be put through to a member of the team who can assist.


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