Nos-Da Kernow

Early Homeless Prevention Service

Our early Homeless Prevention Service Nos Da Kernow can provide brief and intensive outreach support to people who are experiencing housing difficulties, which if not addressed, may lead to them becoming homeless.

Nos Da Kernow may be able to help you if you are able to remain in your current property/living arrangements for the next 56 days or more but are :

  • insecurely housed or in unstable living arrangements but have not yet been given a date you need to leave 
  • in a tenancy and have not yet been served a notice to leave but are at risk of being issued a notice in the near future
  • facing housing difficulties or worried about an aspect of your housing situation which may lead to losing your accomodation,
  • sofa surfing
  • living with friends or family on a temporary basis
  • worried about the affordability of your current accommodation, concerned about affording your rent or already in arrears
  • having issues with your landlord
  • struggling to maintain your accommodation due to mental or physical health issues
  • going through a relationship breakdown
  • living in unsuitable accommodation

If any of the above applies to you please click the button below for early homeless prevention support and assistance.

If you dont have internet access call us on 01209 200278

Nos Da Kernow leaflet     

If you are homeless, or about to become homeless, we can provide you with help and advice.     


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