Older people

Social housing

You may be able to access social housing through the housing register, Cornwall Homechoice

Some properties are only available to those over 55 years old. This means fewer people will be able to bid for them so you have a greater chance of success.

Meeting social care needs

You may need some assistance to live on your own. See the Cornwall Council Adult Social Care webpage for information about;

  • choosing to live in a care home
  • Lifeline and assisted living
  • paying for social care
  • dementia

Social care needs assessment     

Home Solutions Team

The Home Solutions Team deliver housing solutions for older people and people with disabilities.

They offer home solutions that can help you to manage staying safe at home. They can talk to you about the range of services available. The Home Solutions Team includes handy people, occupational therapists and housing support officers. They work across Cornwall offering solutions that can help people stay safe at home. This includes:

  • Adapting their home
  • Providing them with equipment
  • Financial advice and assistance
  • Moving to more suitable and appropriate accommodation
  • household maintenance and repairs for people over 60 or have a disability


The Abbeyfield Society is a charity which provides accommodation for people aged 55 and over. The type of housing varies, but could be a converted house with 6-12 bed-sitting rooms and a communal lounge. Some rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Residents are supported by a house manager and volunteers and are provided with one or two cooked meals a day.

Some newer Abbeyfield developments are larger and provide extra-care accommodation.

Abbeyfield | Here's To Enjoying Your Retirement Years

Retirement villages

Retirement villages are fairly new in the UK. They are usually large schemes set out like a village, with a range of facilities such as shops, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools. Personal care services are often provided.

Properties in retirement villages are available privately to buy, rent or part-buy. Make sure you understand:

  • what services are provided
  • how much they cost
  • how they are paid for

Also, check the lease to see what happens if you decide to sell or leave the property to someone.

Free advice and info on caring for elderly people in the UK: (eac.org.uk)

For further advice also see: