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If you are homeless, or think that you are about to become homeless, we can provide you with help and advice. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assess your situation in detail. Here you can choose the best advice for your circumstances.

Our early Homeless Prevention Service Nos Da Kernow can provide brief and intensive outreach support to people who are experiencing housing difficulties, which if not addressed, may lead to them becoming homeless.

Listed is advice for your specific housing need, ranging from private renting, hospital discharge, young people, older people, ex-services etc.

There is also advice on isues with your tenancy, and financial problems advice.

As a main duty has been accepted to you, you should continue to follow your Personalised Housing Plan (PHP) to find your own home while you remain in temporary accommodation. The move on team is there to help you, when you find your accommodation. We can help, with a deposit, rent in advance, and advice on finding your own home. If you need this advice, please visit our FAQ for further information and how to access our online form.