Instant online access - Your Housing Options and Advice

If you have no where to stay tonight and/or you feel that you are threatened with homelessness in the next 72 hours it is important that you contact us immediately on 0300 1234 161.

Your Housing Options offers you personalised housing advice. It also offers advice and links to employment opportunities and training. This joined up approach provides you with a service where you can access the information you need to find training and a job as well as a home. 

All you need to do is answer a few questions and you will receive a personalised summary of housing options suitable for you and your household circumstances. You will receive detailed advice and the next steps to take for each housing option. This is not an application for Cornwall Homechoice but it will provide you with more information about social housing. See the toolkit  for more help.

Your Housing Options - online housing advice

Please follow this link if you are already registered with Cornwall Homechoice and want to view your account or view or bid on properties.

Don't delay, start helping yourself now

The most effective way to prevent the threat of, or actually becoming homeless, is to take all the necessary steps that you can at the earliest opportunity. The Housing Options teams provide homeless prevention advice  and general housing information. Due to the high demand for their services, you may have to wait to speak to an officer or to arrange an appointment.

Use our online Your Housing Options toolkit and you will receive comprehensive advice and information instantly. This is not an application for Cornwall Homechoice but it will provide you with more information about social housing.

This is an example of the summary table that is provided when you complete an online Enhanced Housing Options assessment. It illustrates which options are suitable with a green tick and which are not by a red cross. Housing options can include money and benefits advice, job search, homeless prevention and many more.

Housing optionSuitable?
Affordable Housing to Buy Affordable Housing to Buy - yes  yes
Mutual Exchange Mutual Exchange - yes  yes
Private Rented Private Rented - yes  yes
Social Housing Social Housing - yes  yes
Sheltered Housing Sheltered Housing - yes  yes
Additional Support Additional Support - yes  yes
Jobs and Training Advice Jobs & Training Advice - yes  yes
Overcrowding Overcrowding - yes  yes
Under Occupation Under Occupation - no  no
Money or Benefits Advice Money or Benefits Advice - yes  yes
Supported Housing Supported Housing - no  no
Homeless Prevention Homeless Prevention - yes  yes
Mortgage rescue Mortgage rescue - no  no
Adapted housing Adapted housing - yes  yes
Disrepair Prevention / Improvement Agency Disrepair Prevention / Improvement Agency - yes  yes

If you or someone in your household is looking for a job, details of current job vacancies matching your requirements will be provided. You will have the option to download a "pdf" Action Plan if you wish.

You do not have to be registered with Homechoice to use this service it is open for anyone to access, however if you are already registered with Cornwall Homechoice you can log in via the existing user log in, input your Homechoice reference number and where appropriate the form will be pre populated with details held on your Homechoice application.

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