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Cornwall Housing manages over 10,500 properties and 300 leaseholds for Cornwall Council.

We also manage over 200 properties in the private rented sector.

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or new to the sector, we provide a range of services so you can choose what best suits you.

Do you have a property to let? Let us know the details and we will get straight back to you.

Our management services

Gold Full Management

Cornwall Housing Private Lets (CHPL) will be the main contact point for all questions and queries about the tenancy. We can arrange fast repairs; compliance checks e.g. gas safety, all inventories and inspections. You will have a monthly statement of account and the peace of mind knowing that we are here to help address the issues that may arise. View Gold Service fees

Tenant Finder

Cornwall Housing Private Lets (CHPL) will find you a suitable tenant who fits your criteria. We will make a one off charge that includes assessing prospective tenants and a reference check. We will provide you with standard tenancy documents. You will manage and maintain your property. View Tenant Finder fees

Social Lettings

A service designed for specific vulnerable client groups who are not owed a duty of housing by the local authority to help them into settled accommodation. Cornwall Housing Private Lets (CHPL) will find you a suitable tenant who fits your criteria. To support you as the landlord and the client we offer direct one to one tenancy support and assistance. There are no upfront costs and we will provide you with the standard tenancy documents and a schedule of condition at the start of tenancy. You can choose to take over, manage and maintain the property yourself without and charge to you. Or you can take advantage of Gold Full Management service with just a monthly commissioning fee on the rental collected.

Optional and additional services 

The optional services we provide include: inventories, rent reviews, amendments and extensions to tenancy agreement, landlord repairs administration, and property inspections (included in Gold Service). View Optional services fees.

Private Letting Service leaflet     

Gold Service Fees (Full management)

Description of service

Net - excludes VAT

Gross - includes VAT

Set up fee

£100 deducted from first month’s rent payment

£120 deducted from first month’s rent payment

Market Rents

8% of monthly rent

9.6% of monthly rent

Local Housing Allowance rates of rent

7% of monthly rent

8.4% of monthly rent

Tenant Finder Service Fees

Description of service

Net - excludes VAT

Gross - includes VAT

Tenant Finder Service

30% of first month’s rent- Minimum charge £150

Minimum charge £180

Optional and additional services

Description of service

Net - excludes VAT

Gross - includes VAT

Inventory (typical 3 bed unfurnished home)



Rent Review



Tenancy Agreement Amendments



Tenancy Extension



Landlord repairs administration

10% of the net invoice

12% of the net invoice

Property Inspection (Tenant Finder only)



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Cornwall Housing Limited is a member of Client Money Protect.

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Our letting services

We know that you are busy and want your property to be let with minimum hassle. This is how we deliver that for you

Our letting services include:

Property Checks

The first stage is to view your property. We can advise you on whether it is safe and legal to let out and any remedial works that may be needed before you rent it out. We help you to understand any regulations that apply to the property, including rules around houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).

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Tenant Checks

Cornwall Housing is approached by many people looking for accommodation to rent. This means that we can operate a fast tenant referral system and find you a suitable tenant without delay. 

This speed does not compromise our careful approach on tenant selection and we will undertake an interview with all prospective tenants and check their suitability for your property. We can check any previous known tenancy record to ensure there is no history of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or previous malicious damage to a property. 

We always check that the tenant is able to afford the property that they rent. We will undertake financial checks and employment records, and, where applicable, previous landlord references.

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Rental Income

Knowing how much rent to charge is not easy. Our experienced staff can help you understand a likely rent for your property. This will depend on many factors including the condition of the property, the location, how close it is to schools and amenities and the level of demand in that area.

Cornwall Housing Private Lets’ staff will do this market appraisal for you free of charge and tell you the likely rent levels you could expect.

We also go through the fees with you so that you can see your likely income level each month. 

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Housing Benefit

Cornwall has many seasonal jobs and generally wages in the county are up to 30% lower than the national average. There are many people in Cornwall on minimum wage and / or part time contracts. This means that some of our prospective tenants will be in receipt of Housing Benefit for all or part of the rent. We can offer clear advice about the benefit process and payments.

Cornwall Housing works closely with the tenant, with you the landlord and with the housing benefit department; we are able to offer assistance in fast tracking the benefit payment.

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Keeping it Legal

We will offer you free advice about what you need to do to make sure that your property is safe and legal to occupy. This includes the gas safety certificate rules, Energy Performance, electrical certification, any lender permissions and any insurance you need.

Our staff keep up to date with all legislation and national and local policy recommendations. We will advise you on what is needed for your property.

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Tenancy Agreement

Assured Shorthold Tenancies are legal documents that are complex. We make life simple by providing you with a standard document, regularly checked and updated by our in house legal team, so that you know you have a correct legal document to safeguard both you and the tenant.

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Our Services

Tell us how you want to manage your property and how involved you want to be. We can then talk through our range of offers and together tailor the package that works best for you.

We are confident that we have a package to meet your needs. 

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Rental Income and Income Tax

Letting your property can be a complicated affair when it comes to income and income tax.  Below are some useful links provided from HMRC for Landlords.  All products are updated and maintained by HMRC.

Business e-tool which is a mini tutorial which HMRC have available assisting  landlords to "get their tax right from the start" The bite size modules will explain to landlords when and how property letting starts and what to do/the various types of property income - furnished/unfurnished, rent a room etc / the correct treatment of income and expenditure both revenue and capital/record keeping/property disposal,capital gains tax and inheritance tax  /tax return filing and paying dates / PAYE and VAT obligations.

Get additional help and support from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with free webinars, emails and videos.

Landlords who have failed to register with HMRC or who have under declared or underpaid tax risk being checked by HMRC. Help is available for people who have under declared tax via a useful video on YouTube

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One or All

It does not matter if you are an established landlord or if you are new to the business, whether you have one property or a portfolio of properties to rent. Our service is tailored to your needs and how involved you want to be.  

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Any Other Questions – just ask.

Excellent service, fair prices, sector expertise.

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