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Cornwall Housing Private Lets offers you access to a wide range of properties to rent.

  • All properties will be safe, will comply with all regulations and will be in good condition.
  • Landlords are given tenancy documents so you can be sure the contract is legal.
  • Prices will be fair, you will not be charged for any service that is not necessary and you will know up front what you need to pay. 
  • The tenancy agreement will normally be for a standard 6 month period, often with an option to extend.  Properties are let on a range of rents from local housing allowance levels through to market rents.
  • Cornwall Housing can help you decide what you can afford, in some circumstances we can help with access to deposits and checking the housing benefit claim is processed quickly.
  • We work with a wide range of landlords in a wide range of locations; we are sure to help you find what you are looking for.


Our offer to you

This is not just a property, this will be your new home. We want you to be safe and happy and to know that you will enjoy a trouble free tenancy. 

Tenant Checks

The landlord will want to know that you are a responsible tenant for them to rent their property to. We will carry out some checks on your tenancy history and your background­.  We will check any previous known tenancy record for a history of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or previous malicious damage to a property. 

We do undertake financial checks and employment records­, where applicable and we will request previous Landlord references. We will write to your landlord, even when you have a printed reference, to be sure we have up to date information.

Rent Payments

Cornwall Housing works with a wide range of tenants and we will offer properties on local housing allowance rates that are covered by housing benefit through to full market rents. We will work with you to understand your budget and what you can afford to pay before we go and view properties.  Cornwall Housing is committed to preventing homelessness and we will never offer you properties that you cannot afford to pay for.

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Housing Benefit

Cornwall has many seasonal jobs and generally wages in the county are up to 30% lower than the national average. There are many people in Cornwall on minimum wage and / or part time contracts and we know that many tenants will rely on housing benefit. As part of the financial review we will do with you we will check whether you may be entitled to any housing benefit. The current local housing allowance rates are published on the Cornwall Council website.

There is a useful online benefits tool that will help you understand what you may be entitled to.

Cornwall Housing will work with you, the landlord, and with the housing benefit department to ensure that payments are made as quickly as possible. We can offer you advice and support if your circumstances change and if you need to start a new claim or complete a change in circumstances form.

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Keeping it Legal

There are rogue landlords and some rogue agencies. With Cornwall Housing you can be confident that the property is safe and legal to occupy.  This means that the gas safety certificate, Energy Performance rating certificate and any electrical appliance testing will all be up to date.   We will check that the landlord has any relevant permission to rent out the property and that, if they have a mortgage, they have the mortgage lender’s agreement.

The landlord does not usually provide contents insurance and it is recommended that you obtain your own.

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Property Checks

The first stage is to view your property. We will only take you out to view properties that we have already inspected and are safe and legal to let and are in good repair. At the property we will explain what you are responsible for maintaining and what is the landlord’s responsibility. You will be provided with a  'Department for Communities and Local Government' booklet on ’How to Rent: The checklist for renting in England’.

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Tenancy Agreement

Assured Shorthold Tenancies are legal documents that are complex. We make sure that the landlord has an up to date version for you to sign. This has been checked by our in house legal team. Where we are providing ongoing management of the tenancy we can advise both you and the landlord on the correct way to end the tenancy, when the time comes.  

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Our Services

Cornwall Housing will be a point of contact for you throughout the tenancy, where we manage the property. We can help with any questions or concerns that you may have.   

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