Making Homes Safer

We want our homes to be decent and safe

Over recent years you have told us how much you value living in a safe home and we have invested to make sure our homes are some of the safest in the district. Outside your home we now check every communal area for fire and other risks each month. Inside we are moving safety up the agenda.

Gas and Oil Safety checks

We have a duty to ensure that all the oil and gas appliances we fit in your home are safe. To do this we carry out an annual safety check of everything that uses gas in a home. We then carry out an annual service and carry out any necessary repairs. If you ask our permission we will take over the servicing and repair for any gas fires or appliances that you install. A faulty or badly installed appliance is very dangerous, even life threatening. One of the most commonly known dangers with a faulty appliance is Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. For more information please see our Gas and Oil servicing webpage.

Electrical safety checks

We carry out electrical safety checks to ensure the electrical system to your home is safe for you to use. These checks are carried out every 5 years. Having the checks ensures the electrical system in your home is safe for you to use and meets the standards of the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) Wiring Regulations. For more information about these checks, please view our Electrical safety checks page.

Fire safety

We take fire safety very seriously. Our flats and residential schemes have several measures to protect you and your family from harm. Some of them are our responsibility and some things are your responsibility. More information about Fire safety is available on our webpage.


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which comes from decomposing particles of uranium in the ground. The gas leaks up out of the ground and into the atmosphere. Because it dilutes very quickly in the atmosphere, it is not considered harmful in an 'open air' situation. However, when it enters the home through gaps in floorboards etc, the build up in Radon levels can become harmful to the occupiers who are exposed to the gas over a long period of time.

We have, and continue to survey, properties throughout the district. When high levels of radon are identified we will be installing a system to vent the area and prevent the build up of gas. 


Legionella are bacteria that are common in natural and artificial water systems. Legionnaire's disease is a form of pneumonia caused by this bacterium and can have potentially fatal consequences. The risk of contracting Legionella from water systems is increased when water is contained under certain conditions (for example, at temperatures between 20-45 degrees centigrade, when it contains a source of nutrients for the organism, when it is allowed to stagnate in the water system and when the water is spread in breathable droplets from spray taps and showers).

Houses are at very low risk of Legionella but some blocks of flats and residential properties where water may be stored or lay motionless in pipe work are seen as potentially higher risk. It is our goal in the next five years to redesign the water system in these high risk blocks. For more information please contact us.


We are keen to manage asbestos in your home safely. We have a detailed list of what type of asbestos we think there is in each property. Each time a repair is carried out in your home we tell our contractor if we think there is asbestos. If you undertake alterations in your home and ask for permission we will advise you if there is asbestos in your home and whether it is safe to undertake the alterations.

Where materials that contain asbestos are to be removed we will inform you of the material type, location, estimated duration of the removal and the degree of control required to safely remove it. We will also consult on the actual timing of the removal, which in some cases might prohibit your access to your home for safety reasons. If this is the case our surveyor will discuss our compensation arrangements with you.

If you want information about asbestos in your home please contact us.