Renting a garage

Garage Door

Cornwall Council garages are now let on a ‘first come, first serve basis’. This replaces the former waiting list system therefore if you previously had an application form in our system you should have been notified by post of the process change.

Garages are available to rent to both non council tenants and council tenants.

Weekly rent is:

  • £14.12* for non-council tenants or
  • £10.18 for a council tenant 
    * inclusive of VAT

Monthly rent is:

  • £62.36* for non-council tenants or
  • £44.96 for a council tenant 
    * inclusive of VAT

Applicants must pay the rent monthly by direct debit, with one month’s rent in advance when you get the keys. Applicants are required to provide the following information at the sign up appointment:

  • proof of ID and proof of address (utility bills, bank statements and tenancy agreements will be acceptable),
  • bank details for direct debit mandate
  • monthly payment (shown above) in cash or cheque, made payable to Cornwall Council for the first month’s rent.

Please note: If you are a tenant with arrears you will not be considered eligible for garage rental.

These are the garages currently available:

The area tabs below list our available garages, if you are interested in renting a garage, please contact the Customer Services on 0300 1234 161.

17 Flamank Park
8 Hillside Park
50 Hillside Park
72 Kinsman Estate
3 St Marys Crescent

Bodmin - Berryfields
3 Berryfields
12 Berryfields
85 Berryfields
173 Berryfieds
215 Berryfields

2 Havett Close

3 Hurdon Way
4 Tower Street
2 Trecarrell

Launceston (Lanstephan)
11 Broad Park
12 Roydon Lane
15 Roydon Lane
21 St Marys Road
4 Tower Street

Launceston (Ridgegrove)
1 Prince Charles Close
3 Prince Philip Road
5 Prince Philip Road
7 Prince Philip Road
8 Prince Philip Road
14 Prince Philip Road
29 Prince Philip Road
31 Prince Philip Road
32 Prince Philip Road
3 Queen Elizabeth Road
6 Queen Elizabeth Road

11 Culverland Park
25 Culverland Park
2 Lanchard Lane

Liskeard (Lake Lane)
1 Dungarth Green
13 Dungarth Green
16 Dungarth Green
3 Hessary House
5 Hessary House
8 Killigrew Road

2 Kellow Hill

1a Broomhill
7 Broomhill
14 Broomhill
4 Boscundle Row
14 Fairway
3 Grenfell Avenue
18 Mulberry Road
39 Oaklands
2 Plough Green

St Issey
1 Sentry Close

St Kew Highway
5 Whitehall

St Keyne
1 Lametton
4 Lametton

10 Roberts Avenue
20 Rowe Street

3 West Park

How to cancel your garage rental

If you wish to cancel your garage rental, please give one week's written notice.

Note: The notice period will start from a Monday and the tenancy will remain open until the garage keys are handed back in.