Cornish Housing Standard

Cornish Housing Standard raises quality bar for council housing

Cornwall Housing has set a housing quality standard designed to improve the Council housing stock across Cornwall.  The Cornish Housing Standard has been created jointly by tenants and staff from Cornwall Housing.  Consultation with tenants took place at every stage in the development of the standard to ensure it would meet tenants’ expectations on quality.

“It was hard work, but I loved every minute of it,” said Wendy Stevens, an involved tenant from East Looe who had been part of the think tank, “I recently had new windows in my own Council flat and it’s made such a difference.  We have worked hard together to make sure the new standard will guarantee that all Council homes will be brought up to an equal standard.” 

“Cornwall Housing is committed to providing top quality social houses.  We’ve committed to providing our tenants housing with improved standards of heating, insulation and security, with facilities that are up to date and fire safe.  To achieve this, we’ve set ourselves a five year target within which to bring all our existing housing stock up to the higher standards.  This meant a massive step forward for our tenants, leading to improvements in the health and wellbeing of our communities,” said Adrian Pengelly, Director of Assets at Cornwall Housing.