Gas and Oil Servicing

Smell gas?

If you smell gas please open any doors and windows, leave your home immediately and call Transco on 0800 111 999.

Safety checks

We have a duty to ensure that all the oil and gas appliances we fit in your home are safe. To do this we carry out an annual safety check of everything that uses gas in a home. We then carry out an annual service and carry out any necessary repairs. If you ask our permission we will take over the servicing and repair for any gas fires or appliances that you install. A faulty or badly installed appliance is very dangerous, even life threatening. One of the most commonly known dangers with a faulty appliance is Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning.

We do not carry out repairs on gas cookers or hobs but if they are dangerous we have a duty to protect you and will turn the appliance off.

If you think any gas appliance in your home, that we maintain, has not been serviced contact us.

Installing your own gas appliances

If you install a gas heater or gas water heating appliance with our permission we will then maintain and service them.

Access for gas and oil servicing

We have the right under our Conditions of Tenancy to enter your home to carry out the annual gas servicing. Please make every effort to allow us entry; it saves you and us a lot of money in the long run.

If access is refused we will, as a last resort, ask the Court to allow us entry to your home to service the gas and oil appliances. For those few tenants where every year we have difficulty getting access to service the gas or oil appliances we will fit an automatic cut out. This is a device that, if a service has not been carried out within a 12 month period, it will stop the boiler from working.

Don't miss your annual gas safety check! 
We make these checks for you to make sure you are safe. It’s a legal requirement, so you must keep your appointment.

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