Gas Servicing Covid safe

Your safety is our priority and to help keep you safe and warm in your homes we are required to do an annual gas service. We have measures in place to keep our residents and our employees safe.

Our Covid safe process is included on the gas service appointment letter we send to you.

Operator        Questions and answers 

We will call you a day in advance of their appointment date and we will ask you the following:

  • Is the appointment still convenient?
  • Does anyone at the property have any symptoms of coronavirus?
  • Is anyone self-isolating/shielding?
  • Is anyone at the property in contact with coronavirus patients?

How to help us to help you.

  • We would be grateful if your household and any pets in the household could stay in another room with the door shut while the engineer is in the property
  • We would also appreciate it if any smokers in the household could refrain from smoking while the engineer is with you
  • Please could you ensure the room is well ventilated prior to our engineer attending

Open Window

The operative will:

  • Discuss appropriate PPE with you before they come into your home the visit will only proceed if no one in the household are symptomatic
  • Carry out a Covid doorstep questionnaire on the day they visit
  • Have sanitiser, gloves, masks, suits and will wear full PPE if requested by the resident
  • Always follow good hygiene procedures, washing hands prior to every visit and post visit. They will use approved hand sanitiser if washing is not possible
  • Leave enough time for use of PPE and cleaning associated with visit
  • Adhere to social distancing, direct contact with household occupants is minimised and 2 metre distance is maintained at all times
  • Disinfect/clean down immediate work areas prior to commencing the specific task and on completion

Mask    Gloves100   Handwash    Social Distance


Gas servicing Covid safe leaflet