Repairs rights and responsibilities

Who is responsible for repairs to your council home?

Cornwall Council will usually be responsible for most of the repairs to your home, however you may be responsible for some items, or you may be re-charged for a repair we carry out if the repairs were due to misuse, neglect or deliberate damage by you or visitors to your home. We will only be responsible for equipment or items that we have fitted ourselves or that have been fitted by previous tenants and we have accepted responsibility for.  If you are unsure, please telephone: 0300 1234 161.

For more details about responsibilities for repairs in your home please refer to the Promise of Repairs.

Your Right to Repair

Your 'Right to Repair'

As a council tenant you have the right to have repair work carried out under the legal contract between us, as set out in the Conditions of Tenancy.

The Right to Repair is a scheme for council tenants. It will make sure that certain small urgent repairs, which might affect your health, safety or security, are done quickly and easily. Councils are told by law to carry out these repairs within a certain time.

Details of your rights are given in a leaflet called 'Your Right to Repair', produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government.