Tenant Led Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny panel

Cornwall Housing's Scrutiny Panel has been running for seven years, and our membership consists of 11 volunteers (five Forum members, four non-involved tenants, one leaseholder and one other customer).

We are a critical friend to Cornwall Housing (CH), investigating services and identifying improvements, which includes highlighting good practice.

Current Scrutiny Panel exercise

The Panel have recently completed an exercise looking into Gas Servicing refusals. They have submitted their findings to Cornwall Housing's Executive Leadership team and made 27 recommendations. The Panel is currently developing an action plan for their recommendations with the Lead Director.

Scrutiny Panel AGM

The Panel hold their AGM in May each year.

Vacancies on the Scrutiny Panel

We currently have 3 vacancies for non-involved tenants, 1 vacancy for a leaseholder and 1 vacancy for other customer. If you would like to attend an awareness session to learn more about being part of the Panel, please phone the number below or complete the details on the Scrutiny Leaflet.

Awareness Session

We run regular awareness sessions for tenants, leaseholders that live in their property and other customers that express an interest in becoming a Scrutiny Panel member.

An awareness session gives you the opportunity to meet the Panel and gain more understanding of what is involved in being a scrutiny panel member. Please phone the number below to find out when the next awareness session is being held.

The next Awareness Session will be advertise soon.  For more information please contact Julia Walsh on the number below.

Please read our Tenant Led Scrutiny Panel Leaflet 

What difference does it make?

We investigate services and make recommendations for improvement.  Over the past 7 years our investigations have made improvement in the following

  • Voids
  • Out of Hours contact
  • Repairs Policy 'Does it meet the needs of vulnerable and disabled tenants'
  • How does Cornwall Housing manage ASB?
  • How clear is the Mutual Exchange Process?
  • Health and Safety procedures for Cornwall housing customers
  • Does CH manage their estates in line with policies and procedures

If you are interested in being a member of the scrutiny panel or would like to find out more information, please contact Julia Walsh on 0300 1234 161.