Freedom of Information


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The Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("the Act") was passed by Government to encourage free and open access to information held by Public Authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Act allows access for any person or organisation worldwide and there is no need for them to state their reason for wanting the information.

There are two main parts to the Act:

  • The requirement for the Authority to develop and maintain a Publication Scheme and;
  • The requirement for the Authority to respond to any request for information within twenty working days in most cases.

Freedom of Information requests (FOI)

An FOI request is generally about requesting information that is already in the public domain, or it would be useful to have it there.

Making an FOI request

If you want to request your personal information that Cornwall Housing may hold about you, please see the information on our Data Protection page and follow the links to submit a Subject Access Request Form.

Useful Links

  • Request information - Use our online form to make a freedom of information request.
  • Request advice - Find out who can request information and what information is available from Cornwall Housing.
  • Requests and responses - To provide greater access to information as part of Cornwall Housing’s commitment to being open and transparent, we publish our responses to Freedom of Information freedom of information requests and responses.
  • Data Protection Act - The Data Protection Act requires Cornwall Housing to respect principles of fair processing when handling your personal information. Find out who is entitled to personal information, what you will receive and the process involved.
  • Publication scheme - The publication scheme commits Cornwall Housing to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities. Find out what information is held by the Cornwall Housing.