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Tenancy Fraud


Cornwall Housing and Cornwall Council are working in partnership to prevent, and pursue social housing tenancy fraud in order to ensure the houses it owns and manages are let to those households that have the highest housing need, whilst protecting the public purse.

If you have any concerns about potential tenancy fraud please contact the Tenancy Fraud Team on freephone 0800 7316125 or by email at tenancyfraud@cornwall.gov.uk.

What difference does it make?

Part of that partnership work included the launch of a Key Amnesty, between the 1 January 2015 and 1 March 2015. That meant that Cornwall Council and Cornwall Housing tenants who were illegally subletting their homes, or who were not using their property as their main home, had the opportunity to return their keys within that time frame, and avoid prosecution under the Social Housing Tenancy Fraud Act. Successful prosecution could mean a criminal record for tenants found guilty.

The Amnesty was a resounding success, with over 70 calls to the fraud hotline and resulted in three properties being handed back, these properties varied in size from one bedroom accommodation to three bedroom accommodation, these will soon provide homes to households with high housing needs.

In addition to the successful key amnesty, investigations have resulted in seven other properties being recovered, one of which resulted in a successful criminal prosecution which received a high level of publicity.

Additionally, Cornwall Council Corporate Fraud Team has also investigated false or incorrect applications to the Homeless/Homechoice Scheme. This work has resulted in two applications being withdrawn and family’s removing themselves from the Homeless/Homechoice Register.

The drive against tenancy fraud continues, and we would urge anyone who has information to contact us on the details above.

Cornwall Council Fraud Team

Cornwall Council has asked us to let you know that they are taking part in an exercise called the National Fraud Initiative that promotes the proper spending of public money.

You do not need to do anything; the information is to let you know what is happening.

Cornwall Council is required by law to protect the public money that they manage. To do this they may use information, or share information with other organisations responsible for checking or managing public money, to prevent or detect fraud.

Cornwall Council is required by the Cabinet Office to participate in the National Fraud Initiative and to provide details of Cornwall Council housing tenants, like names and addresses. This is so that the details can be compared with information from other public organisations and in doing so help to prevent or detect fraud, for example the unauthorised sub-letting of properties.

Further information

If you have any questions, or would like a copy of the website information, please email tenancyfraud@cornwall.gov.uk.