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About your new home


New homes have a warranty or defects period. Property defects that occur within the defect period from the build completion should be reported to Cornwall Housing. They will raise this with the contractor. If your home is no longer in the defects period, then the responsibility for the repairs is yours.

The plaster in new homes can take several months to settle. Occupiers are advised not to wallpaper or decorate until after the defects period is complete.

Before you carry out any structural work or home improvements in your property, you will need permission from Cornwall Housing. You may also need to get approval from your lender. In some circumstances planning permission and building regulations are required.

Your Shared ownership guide provides useful information about your home, and how we manage your Lease. If you want to discuss any aspect of your lease please contact us and ask to speak to one of our leasehold team.

Shared Ownership handbook    

Shared Ownership policy    

Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I have a repair issue within the defects period of my new shared ownership home?
Contact us in Cornwall Housing in the first instance or if it is not an urgent repair – info@cornwallhousing.org.uk

When do I have to pay buildings insurance and other service charges?
You will be advised of the charges for the coming financial year when you purchase your property. These charges are payable in instalments, monthly in advance. We will then usually provide an annual charge for these in April or May. We will let you know any changes to these charges each February, along with your new rent charge. Any changes will be implemented each April.

Who do I contact about an issue in the neighbourhood?
The housing officer for your neighbourhood will be able to advise on any issues in your community. Contact us online or email info@cornwallhousing.org.uk if it is not urgent.

I want to carry out alterations to my property what do I do?
Under the terms of your lease, you will need permission to carry out any structural changes. Permission will only be given under certain circumstances, which will be based on your household requirements. You will need to complete an application form. You will need to provide details of the changes that you want to make and why. A surveyor may need to call at your home.

What do I do if I want to buy more shares in my home?
You will need to contact us to discuss what you want to do, and you will be asked to complete a formal application form. We will talk to you about affordability and explain about valuations and the cost involved. 

What do I do if I am having financial difficulties and I am struggling to pay my rent?
If you don’t pay your rent or your mortgage, you could lose your home. It will be really important to let us and your mortgage lender know about any difficulties in paying. Please contact us and ask to speak to the Rent Management Team

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