A small gas leak can cause headaches, fatigue and flu-like symptoms


Together, we can keep each other safe

If you have gas in your home, we have to carry out an annual heating service and safety inspection to protect you and your family.

Gas safety is very important as gas appliances that are faulty or poorly maintained can have dangerous and even fatal consequences.

The safety check will identify faults, which if left could leak to a gas escape, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

This is a free service. We will contact you when your service is due.

What you must do:

  • Give us access to carry out the service as it’s part of your tenancy agreement.
  • Rearrange if necessary. We understand that occasionally you may have to rearrange for medical or caring reasons, sometimes at the last minute – if you can’t make your appointment, please contact us straight away so that we can rearrange with you as soon as possible on 0300 12354 161. 

Are you Carbon Monoxide aware?

We provide carbon monoxide alarms to all tenants whose home has a fossil fuel burning appliance, such as a gas system.

If your home does not have any fossil fuel burning appliances, but you have brought in a portable appliance – get a carbon monoxide alarm to keep you and your family safe (and check your tenancy as the rules may not allow it).

Not just a fire risk! A brief exposure to small amounts of carbon monoxide may cause headache, flushing, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, muscle pain or personality changes. Exposure to higher amounts may cause movement problems, weakness, confusion, lung and heart problems, loss of consciousness and death. Call our repairs team if you have any concerns about gas safety in your home, on 0300 1234 161.