Colourful Planter Benches for Highfield Road Residents


Cornwall Housing has worked with Newquay Orchard to install some lovely new planter benches at Highfield Road estate in Camelford.

Last year, as part of a regeneration project and in consultation with Highfield Road residents, Newquay Orchard designed a beautiful green space of native and edible plants. The aim was to benefit wildlife and to provide residents with a space to relax and enjoy. Two hedges and numerous fruit trees were planted, and the residents did a great job taking care of them.   

In the final stage of the project this year, local residents joined Cornwall Housing’s Engagement team and Newquay Orchard to install some fantastic new planter benches. The teams returned a week later to help residents plant herbs, strawberries and flowers within the planter benches.

Joanne May, Communication & Engagement Officer, said: “A huge thank you to the local residents who got their hands muddy, and to plant wizards Luke, Hetty, Al & Alex at Newquay Orchard for all of their expertise. Highfield Road residents now have a beautiful place to sit and relax.”