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The phone survey giving you the chance to rate performance at Cornwall Housing

We are launching a new phone survey from 5 April 2023 ☎️

We want to find out how you think we are doing in our upcoming Your Call telephone survey. Your feedback will tell us where we are getting it right at Cornwall Housing and what we are getting wrong. We will use it to shape our plans and priorities and make changes where you think it’s most needed.

From 5 April, independent housing sector expert, Acuity Research and Practice, will be phoning tenants to find out how satisfied you are with our service. We will be working in partnership with Acuity to hear from 1,000 tenants across the year.

The Your Call survey will tell us how you think we are performing, and how we compare to other landlords up and down the country. Your feedback will be reported to Cornwall Council and the Regulator of Social Housing. Cornwall Housing Managing Director, Su Spence, is our lead for making sure that we are meeting the regulator’s standards.

If you take part in the Your Call phone survey, you’ll be entered into our quarterly prize draw for £100 in shopping vouchers!


You may be wondering…

🏠 Why should I take part?

📣 So that you can tell us where we’re getting it right and what we’re getting wrong, so we can improve our service to you and all our tenants.  

📣 To help us identify and address consistent tenant concerns

📣 Because we want to listen and act!

📣 To be a part of the voice for tenants in Cornwall and across the country, as survey results from all social landlords help the regulator make sure tenants get good services

🏠 When will we find out the results?

We will start to communicate interim results as early as September, and regularly update them as more surveys are collected throughout the 12 months. We will involve staff and tenants in identifying what we need to do to improve the service for you. 

🏠 Is the Your Call survey anonymous?

Yes. Your responses will not be linked to your name and address, unless you agree with Acuity that they can pass us your comments to follow up directly with you. The only exception would be if there is a welfare concern.

🏠 How will I know the caller is genuinely from Acuity?

The phone number will show up on your caller ID as 01273 093939. The caller will introduce themselves, and if you have any concerns, you can contact our customer service centre to check, and Acuity can call you back. Acuity will not ask you for any personal details.

🏠 What will the questions be?

The questions will follow the guidelines and wording set by the Regulator of Social Housing. You can see the questions here.

🏠 How do you select who to call?

We are not involved in selecting who is called. Acuity chooses a sample of tenants purely based on achieving a representative cross section of our tenants. The only exclusions will be where we have been alerted to a tenant who cannot or does not want to take part in a survey.

Need More Information?

If you would like to find out more, please contact a member of the Communication and Engagement Team on 0300 1234 161 or email myviews@cornwallhousing.org.uk.

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