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The Independent Living Service

Cornwall Housing's Independent Living Service assists elderly and vulnerable residents who live in supported living or sheltered housing schemes. The team provides residents with housing and wellbeing support, and promotes independent living.


Visiting Support from the Independent Living Service

We are here if you need us. We offer visiting support services to help you with:

  • making appointments or booking transport
  • managing benefits, budgeting, or providing money and energy saving advice
  • referrals to other organisations, like Adult Social Care, volunteer groups and charities
  • joining social clubs to improve wellbeing and reduce loneliness
  • managing letters, utilities, paying bills  
  • applications for blue badges, buss passes, attendance or carers allowance and other benefits bidding
  • housing and filling out Homechoice applications
  • food bank vouchers and support in staying well
  • general help around the home (not including personal care)


Visiting Support Prices

Our support visits are paid by direct debit. We offer affordable payment options to suit your needs:

  • Two visits per year - £2.50 per month
  • Hourly visits - £15 per hour, arranged weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.


Request Visiting Support today by calling 01872 323518 or via our online form.

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The Cornwall Housing Independent Living Service offers a 24 hour 'Lifeline Alarm,' providing an instant response at the touch of a button. The service provides a home safety and personal security system that enables people to live independently within their own homes. This is achieved through the clever combination of a 24-hour telephone link to the monitoring centre through your Lifeline home unit. 

Information for Lifeline users, March 2024

From 01 April, Cornwall Housing will no longer manage Lifeline services. Lifeline will transfer to Corserv Care.

Many things will stay the same: 

  • Your equipment - You will keep your current Lifeline equipment for now.
  • The local call centre - Calls made from your Lifeline will go through to the same call centre, which is based in Truro.
  • Your registration details - You will not need to complete new paperwork, unless your details have changed. To update your details, contact a call centre operator from your Lifeline.
  • Your two visits per year - The Independent Living Service will continue visiting you over the next 6 months to make the transition to Corserv Care as smooth as possible. Your regular visiting officer will check in on you and offer support where needed.

Some things will change:

  • Your direct debit - You will need to cancel your Cornwall Housing direct debit on 01 April and set up a new one with Corserv Care. You can call Corserv Care for support on 0300 7900 603.
  • Payment changes - There will be a slight change to your payments, as Corserv Care charge a different fee.
  • Equipment upgrades - Telephone providers are moving from analogue to digital landlines, which will affect Lifeline equipment. Corserv Care will make an appointment to upgrade your Lifeline soon.
  • Your two visits per year - Corserv Care do not offer this as part of their service. However, they will visit you if there is a problem with your Lifeline or to upgrade your equipment.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about your current service, or would like more information on the transfer, please call us on 01872 323518. You can also contact us using our online form

If you need any help with your future Lifeline service, please call Corserv Care on 0300 7900 603.