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Cornwall Housing manages Cornwall Council social housing properties and the properties we have built as a company for social rent.

By signing your tenancy agreement, you become a tenant of Cornwall Council or Cornwall Housing. You agree to abide by the Conditions of Tenancy, which sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

If you were a tenant prior to Cornwall Council being formed on the 1 April 2009, your Conditions of Tenancy remain the same as when you were a tenant of Carrick District Council, North Cornwall District Council or Caradon District Council and are shown below. If you became a tenant after 1 April 2009, you need to refer to the Conditions of Tenancy relating to Cornwall Council.

Tenancy types:

  1. Cornwall Council property
    • Social housing tenant for less than 12 months - Introductory tenancy
    • Social housing tenant for more than 12 months - Secure tenancy
    • Tenancy agreements

  2. Cornwall Housing property
    • Social housing tenant for less than 12 months - Assured shorthold starter tenancy
    • Social housing tenant for more than 12 months - Assured tenancy.
    • Tenancy agreements

  3. Demoted tenancy scheme
    • Granted by Court Order for certain tenants who breach their Secure Tenancy Conditions due to Anti-Social Behaviour.
    • The Demoted Tenancy can last up to 12 months. Demoted Tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants and it is easier for us to re-possess the property if there are further breaches.

  4. Temporary accommodation tenants
    • Normally, tenants who go through the homelessness process are housed in temporary accommodation as 'Non-Secure' Tenants. Non-Secure Tenants do not have Security of Tenure.


What happens if I break a condition of my tenancy?

We will deal firmly but fairly with any breaches of tenancy. You have security of tenure, which means you have a right to stay in your home as long as you keep to the conditions of tenancy. If you break any of these conditions, we will take action to deal with the situation. In some serious cases, you may be in danger of losing your home.

Gaining possession of your home will involve court action and the issue of a court order. We can only apply to the courts to have you evicted for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of rent, or breaking a court agreement to pay arrear.
  • If you, people who live with you, or visitors cause nuisance or behave in an anti-social manner
  • If you seriously damage your home
  • If you made a false statement to get your tenancy

Can I alter or improve my home?

Yes, but you must get our written permission before work starts.

Is my property insured?

The council covers the structure of your home, but you are responsible for insuring your fixtures, fittings and contents. Please refer to the Home Contents Insurance page to read more about home contents insurance.

Can my tenancy agreement be changed?

We will always consult with you if we intend to change your tenancy agreement in any way. If you are unsure about your tenancy conditions, please contact your landlord service.

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