Right to buy

Right To Buy

The Right to Buy scheme is a scheme which the Government offers to help eligible Council house tenants purchase their home at a discounted price.

There are certain rules and regulations which have to be met, and these are set out by the Government, not the Council.

For instance:

  • Both you and your home have to be eligible for the scheme
  • You can receive up to a maximum of £82,800 discount depending on how long you have been a tenant

More information is available in the Communities and Local Governments brochure on 'Your right to buy your home' and 'Thinking of Buying Your Council Flat?' or in our own Right To Buy publication.

How to apply

You can download the Right to Buy application form or contact us directly for an application form.

Getting advice

Buying a home is a long term financial commitment, we therefore recommend that you get independent financial and legal advice concerning mortgage products available to you and the legal process involved. Many local mortgage advisors offer FREE advice on what can be a complicated process.

You can find more information about Right to Buy on the your right to buy your home website.

Mortgage information

Free independant mortgage and financial advice is available on the 'the Money Advice Service' web site.