Flat fire doors: what you need to do


Together, we can keep each other safe

Fire doors are an important barrier to the spread of fire or smoke to communal hallways and other homes. 

All tenants who live in flats have at least one fire door in their home – the front door. If there is a fire in your flat, ensure all people leave immediately and shut the front door behind you. When you are safely outside, call the fire service on 999.

Many Cornwall Council flats also have fire doors in the communal hallways or at the block entrance. These doors are often heavily built. This is to slow down the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire doors are a very important part of the building safety system. Together, we can keep each other safe by:

  1. Keeping fire doors shut when not in use;
  2. Not tampering with self-closing devices, and ensure your visitors do not either;
  3. Reporting any fire door fault or damage immediately to Cornwall Housing on 0300 1234 161

It is also important that you do not alter or change your front door without the agreement of Cornwall Housing. This is so that it doesn’t reduce the building safety.

Fires can be devastating. Smoke can also be very harmful and damage people and homes. Closed fire doors slow the spread of fire and smoke.

Together, we can keep each other safe.

For more fire safety information visit: www.cornwallhousing.org.uk/firesafety

A fire caused by an extraction fan. The occupants kept their bathroom fire door closed, and the fire was limited to that room until the Fire Service arrived.