Reasons why a mutual exchange may be refused

Mutual exchanges can be refused for a number of reasons some of which are listed below. 

  • If there is any Council instruction to seek possession other than for rent arrears
  • If there is a current notice to seek possession in force
  • If there is a current possession order in force
  • Knowledge of any premium paid to induce assignment
  • If the premises is the subject of a service tenancy (for example, caretaker premises)
  • The premises is not a ‘revenue account’ property (i.e. leased to or not owned by the landlord)
  • The accommodation is too large for incoming tenant
  • The accommodation is too small for incoming tenant
  • If the incoming occupants are under age for warden control accommodation
  • If there is no eligible incoming person for disabled accommodation when the property being exchanged is disabled accommodation
  • If either applicant is a licensee and not a tenant

This list is not exhaustive.

Please note that you cannot exchange if this creates an under occupancy according to Welfare Reform rules.