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Booking a repair


Please DO NOT use this form for emergency repairs, call us on 0300 1234 161

What is an emergency

We ask you to remember that we only consider an emergency to be:

  • A serious threat to your health and safety, such as a gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
  • Major damage to the structure of the building
  • A serious property related security problem not including lost keys
  • Total prolonged loss of essential service, such as gas, water or electricity that results in a serious impact to immediate health or safety of house occupants
  • You are homeless tonight due to not having suitable accommodation available for your occupation

Are you having problems with damp or condensation? Please check the information on our Help with common problems webpage for help and advice.

Appointments for day to day repairs

Our aim is to make appointments for most repairs reported. This does not include emergency work as these are normally carried out immediately or within 24 hours.

For lower priority works if an appointment cannot be made at the time of you calling a member of our team or contractor will contact you by telephone or letter prior to carrying out the repair to arrange a suitable time to visit your home and carry out the requested works.

We aim to keep 99% of all appointments made. If we are unable to keep the appointment, we will contact you to arrange an alternative time.

If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know by as soon as possible by telephone on 0300 1234 161 or email info@cornwallhousing.org.uk

Failure to do so may result in call out charges being made.


Please use the form to report a repair