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Repairs rights and responsibilities


We have a Repairs Policy Guide which outlines the expectations around repairs and maintenance. This has been agreed in consultation with tenant representatives.

In the Policy, we outline how we are committed to providing a customer focused repairs and maintenance service.

To do this we will:

  • Ensure repairs are completed in a prompt, efficient, flexible, and value for money way
  • Inspect your repair if needed
  • Deliver repairs to a high standard that you are satisfied with
  • Provide a friendly and consistent approach to repairs and maintenance
  • Aim to complete all repairs right first time with minimum disruption
  • Conduct all repairs work in a way that is safe for you, our employees and contractors
  • Ensure all external contractors working on our behalf deliver repairs in line with legislation and within company policies, procedures and service standards
  • Treat everyone fairly in line with the Equality Act 2010, associated company policies, procedures and service standards
  • Use data from our systems to highlight your differing service delivery needs and tailor our service to meet these
  • Clearly define our and your responsibilities
  • Provide an emergency repair service 24 hours a day, every day
  • Keep in touch with you and update your records when you advise us of any changes to your circumstances that affect your service delivery needs as well as your mobile, email or landline telephone contact details

Our repair responsibilities

We share the responsibility for home maintenance with you. We will repair your home if it is for something that we are responsible for maintaining.

This includes:

  • the outside of the property
  • electrical wiring
  • communal areas
  • heating
  • fixtures and fittings
  • plumbing and electrics
  • boundary fencing/gates if an emergency repair is required.  We may also replace these if they constitute a danger and there are young children
  • and other areas deemed a hazard or a risk to health and safety

Your repair responsibilities

You will need to pay for any repairs to your home that you are responsible for maintaining.

This includes:

  • internal decoration e.g., internal doors, handles and hinges
  • damage beyond the usual fair wear and tear
  • pest control
  • damage caused by neglect, deliberate or reckless behaviour
  • shower curtains, toilet seats, work surfaces
  • decorating your home
  • replacing fittings, like batteries in heating controls and smoke detectors
  • light bulbs
  • fencing and gates (including boundary)

If you experience difficulties with any of the above, please contact for us advice, particularly if you have sealed bathroom lights or are experiencing difficulties with replacing fluorescent light fittings, and smoke detector batteries.

Find out how to report a repair here.