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Repairs and improvements


When a repair is required, you have the choice to improve on the item being replaced: for example, replacing internal doors.

Improvements like this can only be made where:

  • the repair is genuinely needed (rather than a request to replace a serviceable item)
  • the repair is not an emergency
  • you pay the cost of the upgrade in advance
  • you do not owe any money
  • the improvement does not need specialised equipment or installation skills

Sometimes we will make improvements following a responsive repair request. 

Improvements will generally be made:

  • where it would be more economic to make the improvement than to repair like for like
  • where the fixture would be upgraded anyway as part of an improvement programme in the next 12 months


Internal decoration is your responsibility.  Occasionally when doing repairs, minor decorating will be required.  We will always make as little damage as possible.

We will provide a decoration voucher that covers the cost of the redecoration needed, and will advise on where the voucher can be used. 

If you are disabled or there is no one in the household able to redecorate, we will ensure any redecoration returns the home to the same standard as before the repair was done.

Where there are external repairs, we will make good small areas of paint or coloured plaster or will discuss with you when the next painting cycle is due.

Upgrading your home

If you request an upgrade we will:

  • discuss the matter in detail at the pre-work  inspection or by phone
  • give an estimate of the cost
  • inform you if compensation will be payable if you leave the property
  • give an estimated completion date
  • inform you if the item will be maintained or replaced if it breaks or needs further repair
  • incorporate all heating appliances into our maintenance contract

Maintenance or like for like replacement of other upgraded fixtures and fittings will depend on their fit with our specifications.

For insurance reasons we cannot upgrade with materials, fixtures or fittings supplied directly by you.

Permission forms

Below are application forms for the more common types of requests  to improve your home:

If you have problems completing this form online, please download the form and complete it outside of your browser.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.