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Leaseholder repairs


Repairs and maintenance information for Cornwall Council leaseholders

Leasehold ownership of a flat or maisonette relates to everything within the four walls including floorboards and plaster to the walls or ceilings but does not usually include the external or structural walls. The structure of the building your flat or maisonette is situated in and the land it stands on belongs to us (Cornwall Council).

Repairs and who is responsible


Re-washer mains stopcock

  1. To block  - Council
  2. Inside dwelling - You

Repair burst or leaking water pipe           

  1. Up to and including main stopcock - Council
  2. Beyond stopcock - You

Repair/replace water storage tank            

  1. Communal - Council
  2. Individual - You

Repair or replace bath, basin, sink, taps, WC. - You

Repair leaking waste pipe, trap, fitting etc., including branches up to the soil stack. - You

Clear blockage or repair to main soil stack, rain water pipes and gutters - Council


Communal Flooring

  1. Joists/wall plates - Council
  2. Floor boards - Council
  3. Floor tiles - Council
  4. Concrete floor slab - Council
  5. Concrete floor screed - Council

Flooring within flat

  1. Joists/wall plates - Council
  2. Concrete floor slab - Council
  3. Floor boards - You
  4. Concrete floor screed - You
  5. Floor tiles - You
  6. Skirting boards - You

Roof structure and covering - Council

Staircase repairs

  1. Communal - Council
  2. Within flat -  You

 External window frames                              

  1. Frame [see Note 1] - Council
  2. Sashes [see Note 1] - Council
  3. Fixtures/fittings/locks [see Note 2] - You
  4. Cords and weights - Council
  5. Putties - Council

Communal window frames

  1. Frame - Council
  2. Sashes - Council
  3. Fixtures/fittings - Council
  4. Cords and weights - Council
  5. Putties - Council  


  1. Communal windows - Council
  2. Windows to flat (including associated replacement of putties) - You

Flat entrance doors

  1. Frame - You
  2. Door - You
  3. Fixtures/fittings/locks - You

Doors internal to flat

  1. Frame/lining [see Note 3]
  2. Door - You
  3. Fixtures/fittings/locks - You

Communal doors

  1. Frame - Council
  2. Door - Council
  3. Fixtures/fittings/locks - Council

Forced entry to flat

  1. Break-ins through door - You
  2. Break-ins through window - damage to frame - You
  3. Break-in through window - glazing only - You

Repairs to fitted units/cupboards in flat - You



In flat

  1. Repairs to all fuses - excluding EB repairs - You
  2. Renewal of consumer unit (fuse board) - You
  3. Rewiring - You
  4. Renewal/repair of Fittings - You
  5. Repairs to individual door bells - You


  1. Rewiring - Council
  2. Renewal/ repair of fittings - Council
  3. Repairs to communal door entry systems including equipment within flats - Council


Heating and hot water appliances

  1. communal system, excluding equipment - Council
  2. Individual system - You
  3. Flue liner - You



  1. Communal - Council
  2. In flat - You


  1. In flat [See Note 4] - You
  2. Communal decorations - Council

Ventilation plant

  1. Communal Council
  2. Individual (Ventaxia) You

* You are responsible for your front door and frame, however it is vital that we minimise the spread of fire within all properties that have communal spaces (landings, corridors etc.). All doors that open onto communal spaces, should now meet a minimum standard of FD30S. This is a 30 minute fire door with intumescent fire and smoke seal and self closer. All fixtures and fittings must not compromise the rating of the door. If you are considering changing your door, or are concerned that your current door may not meet this standard, please do contact us on 0300 1234161 and we will arrange for one of the windows and doors team to contact you.

Note 1: The surfaces of these items which are internal to the lessee’s flat are the lessee’s responsibility to decorate.

Note 2: Where the Council has installed sealed PVCu windows, the Council will repair or replace the fittings and locks and arrange for any glazing repairs. However, we will charge for this service.

Note 3: Where the door is a composite of an external window (i.e. it is an integral part of the window – e.g. typically balcony doors) the Council will repair or replace the frame.

Note 4: Unless the damage is a consequence of the Council disturbing the decorations to carry out works to the structure. Where damage to decorations caused by water penetration as a result of a defect to the structure or the actions of other residents (e.g. over-flowing bath, washing machine etc.) leaseholders may be able to claim on Cornwall Housing Limited’s building insurance.