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We have two tenant panels that you can join - The Tenants' Forum and the Scrutiny Panel



We want to work with tenants to create a great housing service. It is important to us that tenants have a say in scrutinising and monitoring Cornwall Housing services. By joining our panels and giving feedback, you’ll help influence the Council’s policies.

The Tenants' Forum

The Tenant Forum aims to act in the interests of all residents to monitor, investigate, challenge, and hold Cornwall Housing to account.

"The Tenants' Forum is here to represent and help all Cornwall Housing residents by working with the company to improve the services. We resolve any problems that may crop up and, when needed, hold the company to account. The Tenants' Forum welcomes new members to help with our work. It’s easy to join and the only requirement needed is for you to be a Cornwall Housing or Council tenant." - John Harris, Chairperson


If you are interested in being a member or would like to find out more information about the Tenants' Forum, please contact Frankie Addey on 0300 1234 161 or email: myviews@cornwallhousing.org.uk.

Upcoming meetings:
  • 10am Tuesday 20th February 2024
  • 10am Thursday 16th May 2024

The Tenants' Forum meets in Room 1/2 at Chy Trevail in Bodmin. You can also join the meeting online through Microsoft Teams. Please email myviews@cornwallhousing.org.uk for the link. 

The Scrutiny Panel

Would you like to learn new skills, make new friends, and help improve services for Cornwall Housing tenants? Then why not join our Tenant Led Scrutiny panel! The Panel aims to investigate services and identify where improvements can be made. Its top priorities are to be a ‘critical’ friend to Cornwall Housing.

If you are interested in being a member or would like to find out more information, please contact Jo May on 0300 1234 161 or email myviews@cornwallhousing.org.uk.

.Scrutiny Panel advert

 There are two ways to get involved in the Scrutiny Panel:

1. Core Group - This is the more involved membership. You will attend meetings online and face to face. You will help with research, conduct site visits, and help to write reports to present to Cornwall Housing.

2. Task & Finish Group - This is a more informal way to be involved. Work around your commitments and time restraints. Undertake specific tasks, looking at areas of interest and skill set.

Scrutiny Panel

Message from the Chair, Richard McCarthy

As detailed below, we are pleased to present our 'Voids Report' on Cornwall Housing's empty properties. We are confident that the recommendations we have made will help improve and speed up the process for residents. 

Before we decide what area to scrutinise next, we are focusing on promoting the Scrutiny Panel and recruiting new members. Please get in touch to learn more about the different ways to be involved.

How Cornwall Housing manage their empty properties for re-let

The Scrutiny Panel have just completed their investigation into how we manage our Voids process (empty homes) and titled their report "With the housing crisis in Cornwall, why are Cornwall Housing voids taking so long?" This report has been presented to the Audit & Risk Board Committee by the Scrutiny Chair. They made 13 recommendations to CHL and an action plan has been developed to make improvements in this area. Read the Void Report.

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Awareness Sessions

We'll be holding awareness sessions late February/early March for customers that have expressed an interest in becoming a Scrutiny Panel member.  The awareness sessions give you the opportunity to meet the members, ask questions and learn more about the Panel.

Read our Scrutiny Panel Leaflet

Look out for Scrutiny Panel updates in our Customer Magazine.

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