Resident Involvement

Your feedback makes a difference

We listen to your views and feedback and use your comments to make improvements to our services.  

Carlton Villas, Hatt - consultation 

In June 2021, Cornwall Housing consulted residents of Carlton Villas directly impacted by the proposal to grant access to an adjacent developer for the use of the lane to their homes.

Please read the full consultation report

Repairs and Maintenance

Consultation - June 2021

In June 2021 we sent a newsletter dedicated to providing you with more details. We asked for your views, concerns, questions and comments.

Thank you to the 49 people who responded either via email, the website or phone. 59% of you supported the creation of the company. Only 9% didn’t agree and the reasons for this could always be linked to previous poor experience of the repairs service. The remaining responses were either to report a repair or had no indication whether they agreed or disagreed with the proposal.

The feedback will be now considered at the Tenants Forum working group and the interim Managing Director of Cornwall Housing, Al Hoare; the Managing Director of Corserv Facilities and Mike Hanrahan, Chair of Cornwall Housing Board. The details will also be considered at Cornwall Housing Board meeting before any further action is taken.

We have logged all the repairs that were raised with us through the consultation and contacted everyone with updates. You can read a full list of the questions asked here. Q&A and comments from June consultation

Consultation - December to January

We had over 400 responses from residents to our repairs and maintenance consultation. Please read the full Repairs and Maintenance results report.  The Tenants’ Forum are discussing the proposals with Cornwall Housing, and how residents’ priorities will be addressed. In the next few months, we will publish a response to the questions asked in the consultation about the proposal, and the plan for how we will further improve our repairs and maintenance service.

Customer feedback report

The Consultation and Engagement Team are 'tracking' the progress of resident feedback. This helps the organisation better monitor and report on outcomes. It will also help residents and the Board to check if we are listening and acting upon residents' views, and challenge if necessary.


We sent out a satisfaction survey to all our leaseholders in May 2021. 

The results are being analysed and these will be reported shorly on our website.  

Thank you for completing the survey.  The 2019 report is still available  Please read the full consultation report.

Resident Involvement Strategy 2018-2021

We strive to continually improve our services. Customer feedback is critical to understanding how we are performing and how we can improve. We will use our experience in resident involvement - with tenants and leaseholders - to improve our involvement for our other housing service customers. For more information, please read our Resident Involvement Strategy.


Get involved

There are lots of ways our tenants can get involved with us. You can choose how much or how little you want to do, from answering questions in a survey to becoming a tenant representative for your community.

Improving communities

There are many ways in which you can become involved to improve your local community. Being motivated to get involved can help and inspire others and create a better living environment for all.



Cornwall Housing and Cornwall Council recognise the importance of residents being involved in decisions that affect their homes and lives. We want to encourage involvement and out-of-pocket expenses can deter residents from becoming involved. The Resident Involvement Expense Policy sets out how we reimburse genuine out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of involvement. It sets out when we will reimburse expenses, and what is needed in order to claim.

How can I help?

Litter picks - You can ask for our help to arrange a litter pick, this is a great event for all ages. This does not have to take more than a couple of hours of your time. It helps clean up the environment, encourages everyone to be responsible around rubbish and brings people together.

Cornwall Housing can help by providing equipment, bin bags and refreshments. Please contact us for more information.

Estate monitors - We need estate monitors to help make sure that the grass cutting in the local area is of an agreed standard and communal cleaning in some of our properties is being completed to our agreed standard. Could you help with this? This won’t take much of your time; you simply fill in a short survey and send the form back to us in a stamped address envelope. We can visit you in your home or at a local community centre, to talk you through everything that is involved. To find out more, please contact us on the telephone below. 

Forming a Tenants and Residents Association - If you would like to be part of a more proactive group in your community and have people who would like to take on committee roles, we can advise you on how to form a Tenants and Residents group. If you want to apply for community grants or have a community project idea, a constituted group could be for you.

You could also become a member of the Cornwall Housing’s Tenants’ Forum.

Public Meetings - If you feel that there are lots of issues in your community we could help you arrange a public meeting. We talk to you first and then can make sure relevant people are invited to your public meeting. For example: Police, Local Councillors, and Cornwall Housing.

Neighbourhood activities or events - Do you feel that your neighbourhood needs a bit of social interaction or just a bit of fun? You could create and organise events with help that can bring your community closer together.

Area representative - Want to be a spokesperson for where you live? Become an area representative. We provide you with information about what this role is and is not. We will also ballot local residents to make sure that they support you as an area representative. You can become a member of the Cornwall Housing Tenants’ Forum and keep local residents updated with a short newsletter once a year.

residents helping out

Improving services

Would you like to help improve the services that we provide to our customers? Some activities will only take a little bit of your time. The difference that you will make is ensuring that all our customers are receiving a good service standard from Cornwall Housing.

Estate monitors/communal cleaning - If you live in a block of flats and pay a service charge for the landings and stair wells to be cleaned, you can monitor the cleaning service that you receive. It won’t take much of your time and we would come and visit you and talk through what you will need to know. You would fill out a satisfaction form when the cleaning has been completed and send it back to us at Cornwall Housing.

Attending focus groups - We sometimes run focus groups to get a wide range of views on a particular part of our service. They normally last about one and a half hours and we provide refreshments and a shopping voucher as a thank you.

Sp Groups

Tenant Led Scrutiny Panel – Cornwall Housing customers on the Scrutiny Panel take an independent look at our services/performances. We hold awareness sessions for anyone wanting to join the Scrutiny Panel.

Complaints Appeals Panel – Tenants on the Panel receive training to enable them to be an adjudicator for stage 2 complaints, with support from Cornwall Housing officers.  The Panel meet together twice a year to go through all complaints received by Cornwall Housing and any policy changes - Learn more about the Appeals Panel.

Tenants’ Forum – Since January 2015 all Cornwall Housing tenants have been represented by a single tenant’s forum. The Tenants’ Forum meets monthly in Bodmin to discuss housing policies, monitor services and keep up to date with the wider housing review.

Tenant Inspectors - In  August 2021 we started a pilot for tenants to inspect ready to let properties, making sure they meet the standard.  A report will be presented to the Tenants' Forum in September and this will then be rolled out across the County.  We will give more information later in the year.

If you would like to find out more about getting involved, please call the Engagement Team on 0300 1234 161.