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Leaseholders' Survey 2019

In June 2019 we sent out to all our leaseholders a satisfaction survey and we followed this up with an evening focus group meeting in July.  The focus group meeting enabled us to talk through the survey results and answer any queries.  Our Executive Leadership Team have considered the survey results and the feedback from the focus group meeting.  They have agreed 19 actions to improve our service to you, primarily around better communication. Please read through our Leaseholder's Satisfaction Survey leaflet 

Information Booklet 


This handbook has been revised after the feedback received and has been sent out to all our leaseholder.  View the Leaseholders' Information Booklet.

Replacement front doors

Some residents wanted to know if we would replace front doors or if they had to do it. We have been waiting for further guidance following fire safety reviews. Changes in this guidance may be made in the next few years. However, our current position is:

You are responsible for your front door and frame, however it is vital that we minimise the spread of fire within all properties that have communal spaces (landings, corridors etc.). All doors that open onto communal spaces, should now meet a minimum standard of FD30s. If you are considering changing your door, or are concerned that your current door may not meet this standard, please do contact us on 0300 1234161 and we will arrange for one of the windows and doors team to contact you

If you have any queries please email Alternatively you can phone Julia Walsh on 0300 1234 161.

Follow the link to our Leaseholder's page for more information and the link to the current booklet.

We know from previous surveys that leaseholders' preferred method of contact was by post. Email was the second most popular. Please contact us to make sure all your contact details are up to date.

Get involved

Being an Estate Monitor

Would you like to help us monitor the communal cleaning service or grounds maintenance where you live?

We want to ensure the service you're getting for communal cleaning and grounds maintenance (e.g. grass cutting) is meeting the agreed standard.

We need help from our tenants and leaaseholders to monitor the service and keep us updated with your findings.

If you are interested or would like more information about being an Estate Monitor, please contact Julia Walsh, contact details below. We will visit you at home or at an agreed venue, to go through the details of being involved

Scrutiny Panel

Cornwall Housing's Tenant Led Scrutiny Panel has been running for over seven years, and our membership consists of 11 volunteers (five Forum members, four non-involved tenants, one leaseholder and one other customer).

The leaseholders position has not been filled, read through our leaflet for more information.  To qualify as a scrutiny panel member you need to be living in the leasehold property.

Please get in touch with Julia Walsh if you would like further information about getting involved, by emailing or phoning the number below.

Telephone number 0300 1234 161

Email address -